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What You Can Expect When You Hire Residential Scaffolding

Posted On: May 3, 2018

Whether you are renovating a Queenslander house in Brisbane, building a spacious new home on the Gold Coast or apartments on the Sunshine Coast, you may consider hiring scaffolding for your residential project.

A residential scaffolding system, designed specifically for your project, can help you achieve a fast, efficient and safe build. An approved system, by an experienced scaffold hire company, will be built according to appropriate regulations and Codes of Practice.

Unless you have licenced scaffolders at your disposal, hiring residential scaffolding means that it is delivered, erected, dismantled and removed from the site on completion of your project. Your scaffold will be installed in the areas previously agreed upon and will allow safe access for the trades you have selected. Most scaffolds can be utilised by many trades.

Most residential scaffolding is designed for external walls and soffits. It may also be designed to allow for gutter installation and roof fall protection for contractors. The scaffolding will remain ‘on hire’ until you have completed your works.

What is usually included when you hire residential scaffolding?

  • Safe access to the agreed areas for your tradesmen.
  • All paperwork i.e. SWMS and Handover Certificate. These documents describe the safe methods of installing the scaffolding and the specific works that it is designed to cater for.

Special requests:

An experienced residential scaffolding company can handle special requests including:

  • An opening to allow access to a garage.
  • Bridging over a swimming pool.
  • Stepping onto a lower roof with aluminium scaffolding.

Information needed for quoting or booking:

  • A set of plans is preferable.
  • Is the scaffold required for roof fall protection as well?
  • What trades are going to utilise it?
  • How long is it required for?
  • Can the equipment be stacked on site whilst erecting?
  • What is the distance to the boundaries?
  • Are there power lines that will interfere with the scaffolding?
  • Are there any permits required?

Delivery area:

  • Greater Brisbane area and Gold Coast, including Coolangatta.

What to expect with your quote:

  • Your quote will be for a fixed term, with this determined by your construction program.
  • The term will usually be conservative and ‘overruns’ in scaffold hire will be based on a daily rate after the designated term. This is called “hire thereafter”.
  • Your quote will include a fixed amount for hire, erection, dismantle and transport to and from the site. If additional work is required an hourly rate per man is stated in the quotation. If the scaffolding is to be supplied in stages due to the construction program, this will be shown separately.

How to book or get a quote request:

Contact us today to discuss your Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich or Toowoomba residential scaffolding project. Our estimators will arrange a quote based on the drawings supplied or a site visit, combined with discussions with you.

AllScaf Access is a Brisbane based scaffold hire company who have completed a range of residential projects including renovations, new builds and restorations. Our team of specialists make the process of quoting, supplying and installation seamless and hassle free.