The Aliwedge Scaffolding System is Allscaf Access’ pioneer aluminium scaffolding system. It is an innovative, weld-free system that combines the walk-through benefits of steel scaffolding with the lightness and ease of aluminium.

The Aliwedge system uses individual modular components such as standards, ledgers and transoms. With the addition of other accessories, it can be built around or over obstacles such as pipes, machinery, voids, low roofs, and more.  There are no hurdles with this versatile system.

And no more heavy steel boards! For every five steel boards, there are only two lightweight platforms. Unlike steel scaffolding, this system is ideal for access to roofs. The Aliwedge system is the most versatile medium-duty scaffold system currently on the market and the number one choice for speed of installation and safety.

The Aliwedge scaffolding system is rated as medium duty, providing you with versatility. It is lightweight but robust and often used for house construction. During the construction of a house, the system is used for cladding and roof fall protection. Its ability to step onto lower roofs makes it invaluable to builders.

Aliwedge is a perfect solution if a single tower is required, or access is required over or on stairs. Frame scaffolding is cumbersome compared to this unique product.

This scaffolding system comes in a variety of widths. When used as a birdcage scaffold, the benefits of larger bays are significant. These benefits include fewer legs, protrusions and boards, making it faster to erect and dismantle.

Aliwedge is ideal for hanging scaffolds, i.e. drop scaffolds as well as cantilever scaffolding. Working from a safety harness to install this type of scaffolding is difficult enough without having to use steel scaffolding. Aliwedge has been used extensively on QR bridges for maintenance. When combined with aluminium ladder beams, large spans can be achieved.


Widths Platform Lengths Safe Working Load
0.55m 1.30m Total 450kg per platform
0.70m 1.50m (Maximum SWL 450 kb per bay)
1.30m 2.00m
2.00m 2.50m
2.50m 3.20m

Please check with our experienced staff for more details.


  • Aluminium Access Stairs
  • Spacedecks
  • Outriggers
  • Extra Narrow Platforms
  • Ladder/Lahyer Beams
  • Tube & Coupler
  • Special Transoms
  • Shadecloth/Protective Mesh


The Aliwedge System is available at weekly rates with a daily rate thereafter.

We understand that unexpected circumstances may occur. If your time requirements change, we are only a phone call away.

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