Allscaf Access caters to all construction scaffolding needs for schools, universities, apartment blocks, warehouses and commercial buildings.

The various styles of construction require in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure that all areas can be accessed safely while keeping costs in check. At Allscaf Access our professional and experienced estimators and scaffolders understand the time and safety requirements of commercial building projects. Our scaffolding solutions ensure that your project stays on track and budget. Safety and compliance are paramount for any project. Before commencing on site, Allscaf Access carries out the necessary safety assessments and provides compliance documentation and drawings specific to your project.

By utilising a versatile and well designed scaffold a project manager can gain efficiencies in the build. Our experienced designers and estimators discuss the needs and management of the project before putting forward the best scaffold solution so that the construction progress is not delayed. Complex projects often require complex scaffolding solutions and our team are highly experienced at designing and erecting scaffolding that provides safe access in complicated builds and designs, for these projects the best materials all necessary and freight shipping containers to contain and transport these materials the best way for the excellence of the project.

As an accredited member of the Scaffolding Association of Queensland, we stay up to date with emerging issues, compliance, legislative changes, codes of practice and latest innovations. As a founding member, and due to our Managing Director’s long involvement with the association, Allscaf Access’ reputation, credibility and integrity are well regarded in the industry.

At Allscaf Access, we appreciate that variations are a necessary part of any project, so flexibility is key. In these situations, we work closely with your people so that the amendments required are carried out in a consultative and productive way. For us, client service is most important. We have worked with major construction companies on numerous projects including:

  • Hutchinson Builders
  • Paynter Dixon
  • Cockram Construction
  • McNab Construction
  • Rohrig
  • Niclin Group
  • Concord Building Group

Areas where Allscaf Access can assist you with your commercial project:

  • External heavy duty scaffolding
  • Gantries
  • Covered walkways
  • Stretcher stair access
  • Handrailing