Based in Salisbury for close to 30 years, Allscaf Access has established an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers across commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Tackling many jobs from simple tower scaffolds to complex bridgework, our extensive knowledge and skill-sets allow us to provide you with a wide range of services and scaffolding solutions.

Our reputation for providing platinum-level service is supported by our fully qualified team, who assess every project and ensure clients achieve the most cost-effective and efficient solution for their needs.

Our services include, but aren’t limited to;

  • Industrial Maintenance
  • House Wraps
  • Roof Fall Protection
  • Cantilevered, Hung and Suspended Scaffolds
  • Birdcage Scaffolds
  • Dry Hire Equipment


Don’t see your job requirement here? Or aren’t sure what you need?┬áJust call! Our team are always ready to discuss your project needs to find the best scaffolding solution for you.