Allscaf Access delivers comprehensive scaffolding solutions to Queensland’s residential, commercial and industrial sectors. With close to 30 year’s experience, our skilled industry professionals provide effective, safe and innovative solutions through our range of systems and services.

All of our systems are manufactured to Australian Standards and undergo regular maintenance inspections to ensure our products can be used safely time and time again.

From signage to house wraps to bridgework – we are capable of managing all scaffolding projects from the simple, the complex and the unconventional. We offer a complete service with scaffold hire, transport, erection and dismantle services.

We have three categories of scaffolding systems available for hire, as well as lifts.

Aluminium Scaffold – Aliwedge System

Innovative, Versatile & Medium-duty

Aliwedge System
The Aliwedge is Allscaff Access’ pioneer system. It is an inventive ‘weld free’ system that combines the walk-through benefits of steel scaffolding with the lightness and ease of aluminium. Ideal for access over roofs, birdcage scaffolding, light and medium duties.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds

Easy-to-use, Adjustable & Mobile

Our Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds are unique ‘weld free’ system that enables all frames to be utilised as a base frame. It is useful for projects requiring easily adjustable, lightweight and mobile scaffolding solutions such as remedial work, painting and roofing.

Steel System Scaffolds

Australia’s most popular ‘Heavy-duty’ Steel System

Allscaf Access uses ‘Kwikstage’ for their heavy-duty scaffolding solutions. Over the years, Kwikstage has proven to be the most cost effective and versatile steel system in the industry. Ideal for demolition, brickwork, heavy duty and long term projects.
Talk to a member of our specialised team to see how effectively we can customise a scaffolding solution to meet your project needs.