Do I need a scaffold ticket to erect scaffolding?

Yes, a Scaffold Licence is required for scaffold erection over 4.00 metres in height.

Is there a minimum hire period?

Normally this would be one day for small works.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we have a fleet of delivery vehicles including crane trucks.

Do you provide labour?

Yes, we employ experienced licenced scaffolders with various levels of qualifications. Their expertise covers all forms of specialised work.

Do you supply scaffold plans?

Yes, we provide working drawings to all projects we supply.

What are the Safe Working Loads for an aluminium scaffold?

Our ‘Aliwedge’ aluminium system scaffold is rated as Medium Duty, which is 450 kg per bay.

What are the Safe Working Loads for a steel scaffold?

Steel scaffolding has a Heavy Duty rating which is 675 kg per bay.

What is a 'bay?'

A “bay” is the longitudinal distance between ‘standards’ i.e. uprights. Usually the distance a plank or platform will span.

Why would I use aluminium scaffolding over steel?

The main advantage is lightness and ease of use. It is often used on roofs and more complex designs where heavy duty scaffolding is not required. Ideal for cantilever and drop scaffolds.

How high can scaffold be erected to?

Generally 20 metres but greater heights are often achieved with additional engineering.

What information do I need to provide to get a quotation?

Ideally, a ‘Scope of Works,’ including plans, along with the hire period, would be sufficient.

If the scaffold is required for remedial work etc. we will carry out a ‘site inspection’.

Otherwise, critical information required is as follows.

  • Height, width, and length.
  • Type of work to be performed off the scaffold i.e. brickwork, painting, general maintenance etc.
  • Hire period.
  • Distance to boundaries.
  • Access to the site. Areas for equipment to be stored.
  • Access to the site. Areas for equipment to be stored.
  • Ground condition.
  • Are there power lines nearby?
  • Is the scaffold to be erected to full height or in stages?
Is it less expensive the longer I have it on hire?

The hire period is taken into account when we quote. Long term hire as well as volume/quantity does attract lower rates.

Can I do roof fall protection with scaffolding?

Scaffold is often used for roof fall protection. Depending on the slope of the roof, it is set at gutter level or one metre below.

Scaffolding erected for roof fall protection can also be utilised for other trades i.e. painters, renderers, etc.

How much lead time i.e. notice do you require?

This will vary based on the size of the project. Small towers can be arranged in 24 to 48 hours but a large or complicated project may take a week or more. The more time the better. Complicated work may require engineering approval and large projects require more logistics.

What is the narrowest scaffold you have available?

We can supply scaffolding with a working platform of 450 mm in width. Please note, the actual width of the scaffold will be slightly wider than this. Approximately 600mm.

What if I have sloping ground?

Scaffolding is often erected on sloping ground. The systems we supply are modular and are easily adjustable for uneven ground. If the ground is severely sloping other factors will need to be addressed i.e. access, stability of the ground, tie points etc.