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Allscaf Access Celebrating 35 years in Scaffolding Brisbane

Posted On: June 10, 2021

Brisbane was a much different place 35 years ago. For a young man moving from the hustle and bustle of Sydney to start his first business venture, it was an exciting opportunity. It was also a much quieter existence. 

“It just seems like yesterday that I waved goodbye to my young family at Hornsby station in January 1986, for the long train journey to Brisbane to start up Aluminium Scaffolds (Qld) Pty Ltd, now trading as Allscaf Access. I didn’t even have a car and I never imagined that 35 years later we would still be going strong.” — Tom Lamb, Founder, Allscaf Access.

Becoming one of Brisbane’s top scaffolding companies

In starting from scratch there was so much to establish and even more to learn. However, as is often the way of the young and headstrong, the possibility that one may not succeed never once came to mind. 

Thanks in part to naivety, a can-do attitude and some very experienced/hardworking staff, our company went from strength to strength.

Our enduring success is a credit to our people

Over the years we have had many outstanding employees and several remain part of the fabric of the company. We would like to credit Wendy Crompton, Malcolm Gouldstone, Luke Thurgate and James Drew. These staff members have a combined total of 85 years of contribution and are an invaluable resource to our business. 

In recent years, Tony Carnell and Keith Smith have also made their mark.“We have been blessed with good loyal staff and I am so grateful for that” says Tom.

We are nothing without our customers

Of course, a business cannot succeed without its customers and we are proud that many of the company’s early clients continue to use our services.  

Building on our proud legacy and looking to the future

The changes in the industry have been momentous since the company’s inception, most notably to its safety and compliance regime. Allscaf Access was integral in setting up and becoming an inaugural member of the Scaffolding Association of Queensland. 

It was with great pleasure that we recently shared an afternoon tea to celebrate the milestone, reminisce, share stories of the good old days and plan for what the future will bring. It has been a wonderful 35 years and we look forward to many more!